Boost Retail Sales with VIDEO: IGTV, FB Live and YouTube

Featuring Summit Social Media Trainer, Colissa Nole

The number one reason stylists don’t talk about haircare with their guests is the fear of sounding salesy.

At Summit Salon Business Center, we understand that the balance lies in education. When we focus on educating our guest on how to recreate her/his look at home and empower them with the tools to accomplish that – everyone wins. And the best part is, we never have to feel salesy.

A great way to incorporate this concept into your social media channels and start product conversations with your guests (before they even come in to see you) is through Video Tutorials.


TOP THREE TIPS to create a great Video Tutorial


Tip #1: Clean background + great lighting.

  • Find a neutral backdrop that is near natural light or set up your ring light so that your video looks clear. Try to use the same place for each video so that you are able to develop a consistent look and style to your videos.


Tip #2: Set yourself up for success with a game plan.

  • Plan out the style that you want to teach your clients how to create at home as well as the products you’re going to be recommending throughout the video. Have a few points to make about each product to really emphasize what you love about it and set up the products in a row starting with the first one that you’re going to be using. This will help you have a natural flow throughout your video


Tip #3: Apps are your best friend.

  • Editing apps can help you save time and add professional flair to your video! From adding in logos and subtitles to even music, filters and so much more. While everyone has their favorite, my personal favorite is called Viva Video.

Whether you’re struggling at selling retail, want to bring in more referrals or are looking to up your social media game – LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA INTENSIVE can be perfect for you. This is 4 consecutive Live meetings with a Certified Social Media Trainer, like me, where you can ask any questions and you are lead through the ins and outs of getting the most out of your social media presence.

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The Associate Program

Learn the secrets to increasing your salon sales by $10,000 to $12,000 by becoming an educator!

  • “Grow Your Own” salon service providers.
  • Solve your salon recruitment and hiring issues once and for all.
  • Create opportunities for top stylists to become salon leaders and educators in your business.
  • Implement a step-by-step program that takes a brand new stylist to top performance in weeks!

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