Better Work Life Balance for Your Barbershop

Better Work / Life Balance for your Barbershop

Featuring Jessica Luppold-Galoff, Team Leader for the Barbershop Consulting Division 

Do you ever think to yourself…

“How will I get it all done?”

“Everyone wants something from me and I don’t have any energy to spare.”



Part of having work/life balance comes with being smarter with our scheduling.

A lot of barbers are out there working 10-7, 8-8. We believe that we all do our best work when we work 8 hours. If we can extend our hours at our barbershop and allow our team to work in 8 hour shifts, we can maximize the productivity when they’re in the barbershop as well give them a great work/life balance to have more time with their families.

As owners this is helpful because you’re going to apply the same prinicples for yourself!



When we talk about what our team needs – we get sucked into who’s requesting off, who’s covering who’s shifts.

With smart scheduling / split shift scheduling, your team will OWN their schedule. They can work towards earning a better schedule that gives more flexibility and freedom and this gives you more time and energy to do the things that you need to do!


To learn more about how to have an amazing compensation plan in your barbershop that creates more work/life balance, paid vacation and an education fund – we would love to offer you a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with one of our Barbershop Specialty Consultants.

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