Assisting with Action: Great Customer Service over the Phone


Let’s talk about customer service over the phone – or what we love to call it in our 4 step check in (from the Front Desk Script Guide) – Assisting with Action.

We always want to make sure we are assisting our guests with the purpose of the call.

This means listening and taking action on what they need – answering questions about services, recommending a service provider, getting a reservation rescheduled or booking a new reservation. Handling their requests in a timely and kind manner is key in delivering excellent guest service.

We don’t want to stop with meeting their expectations and handling their requests  – we want to go above and beyond to create a bigger, better, different customer experience. How?

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Here are our 4 ways to amp up your customer service over the phone:

  1. Offer Additional Services
    • This is a great opportunity to cross promote departments and offer your clients the opportunity to upgrade their appointment to a manicure during their color processing time.
  2. Current Specials and Promotions
    • Informing clients about your existing retail promotions and special offers can plant the seed for an in-salon purchase during their next appointment. It gives them something extra to look forward to when they come in!
  3. Positive Attitude with a Great Voice Inflection and Tone
    • Smiling effects voice inflection too! Even though you cannot be seen visually, having a smile along with great voice inflection and tone can ensure that your guests has a positive impression of their experience.
  4. Have a Plan: How to Handle Difficult Guests
    • You need to equip your team with the knowledge of how to handle two different scenarios:
      • What is a minor situation and can be deescalated through a giveaway or refund.
      • What is a major situation and should require the involvement of a manager.


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What do you think? How do YOU exceed your clients expectations over the phone?



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