4 Types of Hairstylists


Each salon company is made up of a mix of stylists with different goals, motivations and dreams for their life.
Understanding these roles can not only help you make better hiring decisions within your company – but they can also show you who in your company is ready to reach that next level and grow the next generation.



  • Really great at doing hair.
  • Has no desire to make this his/her ultimate career.
  • “I’m really into the art, but I have no true concern about money because I don’t really need it.” (Maybe still living at home).


  • Someone who is perfectly content to punch in and punch out and earn a decent living behind the chair.


  • The people who really aspire to do more and reach their full potential.
  • All about themselves – planning, tracking and wanting to level jump.
  • Future oriented – interested in what is available next for them. Always looking for opportunities.

Vocational Leadership

  • More interested in teaching others how to go through the stages that you’ve been through.
  • You walk into the salon and you cannot help but help people.
  • Understand what you are passing on.
    • No bad days.
    • No discounting.
    • Wealth Mentality vs Poverty Mentality
  • You know who your demographic is.
    • If you have someone in your chair who is not comfortable paying your price or allowing your Associate to work on them, you are happy to pass them on so they can continue to have a positive experience.
  • Your Associate is your number one guest.
    • You give each Associate the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

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