3 Easy Steps for Photo Shoot Success

Featuring Summit Salon Consultant, Cayla Rae Ledbetter

Being a busy stylist behind the chair – you start your day, you blink, and the day is over!

As we know, using our planners is huge, and the new Social Digital Planner is AMAZING. It not only includes tracking about your clients and add-ons, rebooking and retail recommendations – it also includes a place to plan out your SOCIAL MEDIA! Anything you track – you will be successful at – so here’s a sample of how I use my Social Digital Planner to stay on top of my day.

1 – Take down time and plan what I want to do each day with my guests and with my social media

2 – Use the NEW pink Summit highlighter to create visual reminders for myself and highlight my clients that I want to take a photo shoot with that day.

3 – Take my client tickets for the day and ALSO highlight the tickets with pink so that I can remind myself who I want to get a photo shoot with!

We plan for the day and put our journal away and then before we know it – it’s 9pm and it’s time to go! So instead of planning and forgetting about the day – we have that planned and have our tickets planned so that throughout the day I can see that pink highlighter and it’s a visual reminder to STOP and take a photo shoot!

The knowledge contained in the new Summit Social Digital Script Guide combined with a Summit Social Digital Planner is going to change the direction of your career for the better!


  • Social Digital Planner
  • Social Digital Script Guide
  • Summit Fashion Buff
  • Highlighter/Pen/Stylus combo
  • Success Tips Bookmark
  • BONUS! When you purchase this package you’ll be emailed a link for three training videos! These videos will go a long ways towards ensuring your Social Digital planning achieves maximum GROWTH!




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